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Hi Friends. 

As the name shows, unividya.com is created completely for the students. It will be an information hub about all universities and colleges. It will work towards filling the gaps between the students of different organisations and provide them an open platform to collect information about all the available organisations in India. 

We will collect the news from Universities(Uni) and Vidyalayas(Vidya), which will be useful for all students. It will collect the news and informations which are lost on particular regions. We will try to make it global. All news of colleges and students will reach to everyone. Obviously we need students help to collect such informations. You can directly reach out to us through mail (<mail id>). We will connect to you as necessary. 
Unividya.com provides the details of colleges along with images and videos. It will help the schoolies and their parents to search and find the suitable colleges. 

We will capture the events of colleges and add it together at one place for others search. Who knows it will help to identify talents by the recruiters :). Unividya also organise events between colleges, which will help to exchange the college culture and progress on the studies and sports.
You can also share the blogs and journals with us to place on blogs page of site. 

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