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How to choose a career after schooling

It is a big challenge for students to choose the right career path, especially after the 10th standard. Many people get confused about the career path they want to pursue. The all-round studies based on our school syllabus makes it more confusing. 

With the limited knowledge available, students generally go for expert’s advice, which will take the confusion to the next level. With each expert advice, you will get a new direction. It will block your mind at a certain point and you will end up following one person who is more established than others. Till now so many middle class and small-town families think that medical and engineering are the best career options. Within educated families the options are little more. But believe me, there are thousands of career options available based on your skills and hobbies. You need to access your self and find out your’s best option. 

Obviously it’s a good idea to consult with other experts and find out different career paths available. But definitely not good to follow any of them blindly. The next step is to counsel your self. You can take some time to think about your past. Find out which was the most interesting subject during school. Where you have done excellent and the subjects drive you crazy to learn. Which topic you are enthusiastic about. List all in a paper and go for the next step. 

Next is to explore about the subjects you have finalized. You can consult with the experts in these fields around you and can spend some time on the internet to collect more information about them. This search should be more focused on a few aspects. 

  • What are the higher studies required for these options?
  • Where on earth it is available and which are the best colleges/institutes for it?
  • Is there any entrance examination to be cleared to step into these studies?
  • Is it affordable? 
  • How it will pay off to you one the long run? 

Based on your research, select the best career options available for you. Go for it and hit the bullseye !!!!. 

Do consider a few external factors which can affect your career. you have to think about your physical and mental strengths and find out if it will be suitable for a longer run. You also have to consider the financial conditions and how affordable it is. Some career options are so expensive that it is out of reach of common people. 

It is good to choose and guide your career after 10th standard. It will make your root clear and focused. Some people think about career paths after +2. But it is good to think about it right after the 10th board and choose the institute based on that. Do diploma, Degree, and masters on the same, which will make you stand bright in your professional network. 
UNIVIDYA.COM will continue to add different articles on the best career options based on the skill sets along with the best institutes available for it. Do follow us and find the best in your life. 


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