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Social media effects on students life

The use of social media has increased exponentially over the last few years. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp are now parts of the day to day life. Previously it was heavily used by tech-savvy people, but now it enters all stream of life. We can easily find people from teenage to mid of their 60’s in social media. hardly someone left untouched by the social media trends. 

While it gains popularity because of its entertainment factor, bringing people together and sharing thoughts with friends and relatives, now it move towards great learning and business opportunity. Many companies are working only to help to promote products and services over social media and increase their business. They are rapidly growing every year. It also opens income opportunities for many individuals. People are getting their bread and butter from social media. 

Now the questions arise, how effectively social media is used among the students, Mainly in INDIA. 

In the current generation, social media account are opened during the school days. The majority are Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Most of these are used for either entertainment or communication purposes. But social media can do a lot more than this. This can be a huge information hub if used effectively and it will take your mind to the next level. There are professional networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, youtube – a great platform to find pieces of information and answers to almost all questions. 
Students can follow or subscribe to their favorite teachers, idols, authors, and publications. It will keep them updated with the latest trends, news, and technologies. It will help them communicate with the leaders directly and follow their thoughts, ideology. Which will definitely help them compete on the market. 

healthy use of social media will help the new generation to reach their destiny, whereas its misuse can ruin their life. There comes a vital role for parents. They should guide and monitor their kids to use it positively. Also, the same responsibilities of teachers and guardians, to help create a great and well-furbished society. 


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